In this article I want to share with you what I think are the best resources to learn for free data science & AI / machine learning in 2023.

1. Harvard CS109 Data Science

If you are new to Python and Data Science and want to start “almost” from zero, I think this is a great course to get started.

The lectures are relatively old but have aged well. The technical skills you will learn with this course are still very in demand and used extensively in industry.


2. Introduction to Statistical Learning

This course is thought by Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani, two brillant researchers from Stanford. It’s a great course to understand more the theory of some algorithms such as linear models, among others.


3. Learn Pandas in 10 minutes

This YouTube video explains the main features of pandas in 10 minutes.

The original pandas documentation is excellent, this is a good first step to learn pandas. Follow the resources links to learn more.


There are lots of resources related to pandas online. A good free online course is offered by udacity but you can find multiple courses of similar quality in coursera and in youtube.

I have a playlist about pandas in my YouTube channel. The videos demonstrate how to use pandas on concrete datasets.

4. Learn the basics of AI with this Stanford Computer Vision course – CS231n

Think of the course as an introduction to AI. Even if it’s focused on computer vision, all the building blocks you need to learn AI are covered.

The course materials include video lectures, slides and homework. Did I mention the lessons are taught by one of the best AI researchers?


5. Learn deep learning for NLP with this Stanford course – CS224n

This course is just pure gold. It’s a great course to learn of modern NLP, this means NLP using deep learning.

The course covers topics that might not seem very up to date but as you get to the last lectures Transformers are covered. They even have as guest lecturer the main author of the Attention Is All You Need paper, Ashish Vaswani.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m sure there are a lot more valuable courses out there but if I had to pick 5 these are the ones I would choose.

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