There are a lot of channels dedicated to data science. I want to share with you the ones I think have the highest quality content and are mostly educational.

1. Rob Mulla

Rob Mulla’s channel is relatively new but has gained significant traction this year. I think the quality is excellent and I think it’s a great resource for intermediate/advanced python data scientists.

2. StatQuest with Josh Starmer

StatQuest channel focuses on explaining complex theoretical topics in a simple manner. I think it’s a great resource even if you already know math but want to get a better intuition on machine learning models for example.

3. Patrick Loeber

Patrick’s channel, previously called “Python Engineer” is a great resource if you want to learn Python in depth. There are also complete tutorials on topics such as pytorch and a complete tutorial on advanced Python.

4. Mario Filho ML

Mario Filho is a Kaggle Grandmaster and in his youtube channel he has coding tutorials and courses reviews. The channel content is excellent, there are multiple live coding of how he approaches projects. There are also some courses reviews which I think are very good. The channel is in portuguese but you can still follow it with subtitles.

5. Misra Turp

Misra’s channel is a great resource for aspiring data scientist to level up with Python. She explains concepts very clearly and is generally live coding, so it’s very easy to follow her tutorials.

6. Learn Python with Rune

The way Rune teaches is very “beginner friendly”, so I think if you are just starting out and want to learn some Python this is a great resource.

7. Andy McDonald

Andy McDonald’s channel has excellent Python content related to data visualization in Python. The tutorials are hands-on and cover topics such as matplotlib, plotly, seaborn and data manipulation with Python.

8. 1 Little coder

1littlecoder channel focuses on generative AI and machine learning for intermediate and advanced developers. If you are interested in learning about transformers, LLM, GPT-4 this is a great resource.

9. Sentdex

Sentdex channel covers a broad amount of topics in Python, it has more than 1000 videos! The videos are fun and are generally live coding so you can learn from a more realistic process. There are some videos related to AI and deep learning also.

10. Martin Bel

Did I mention I have a Youtube channel? 🙂 In my channel I focus on providing hands-on coding tutorials for data analysts or aspiring data scientist.

I also cover some advanced topics for example, but the focus is on topics such as data wrangling with Pandas, exploratory data analysis. I try to cover all the topics you would need to be an effective data scientist.

I think the best way to learn data science is by doing it, so most of my videos are coding tutorials.

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