This question is getting a lot of buzz in social media. The reality is there isn’t a clear sign that data science is dying or getting hit hardest than any other sector.

The reality is that for senior data scientists the job market is fine. However, for junior data scientists that are trying to do an internship the situation got a lot more competitive.

I’ve heard middle tier fortune 500 companies have now literally hundreds of applicants for internships. These CVs are getting filtered out first by human resources and then a set of candidates is being passed for a more in depth interview.

If you are a junior data scientist struggling to get your first job here are some ideas to explore:

1. Create a strong portfolio project

As I mentioned, the first step is passing the HR filter. For this, if you include in your CV projects and demo’s things should be easier. Remember these are not technically minded people, so I’d suggest developing an interactive web application that can be accessed easily. You can do this with streamlit for example.

2. Have a social media presence

Create a twitter account and start sharing the new topics you learn every day (if possible). This will help grow your online presence.

There is always someone that knows less than you and they can benefit from your process. You might get lucky and this can also get you a job directly.

Whatever you post on twitter, you can cross post it on linkedin.

3. Create a youtube channel

If you want to go the extra mile, which you should in my opinion, creating a youtube channel is a great way of showing you know what you are talking about.

I’d leave this as optional but I think it can really help differentiate you from the rest of the candidates.

4. Host Portfolio Projects on github

I assume that you already have some portfolio projects done. Are they about the iris or titanic datasets? Delete them, that’s just not good enough today.

Here is an article where I explain in detail how to develop a professional data science project.

5. Ask a senior data scientist to review your CV

This is also an optional step but if you know a senior data scientist that can help you improve your CV, I think this can be valuable.

Final Remarks

I don’t think this downturn is different to any other recession we lived through. It’s probably the first time the tech industry goes through this process in a lot of time, that’s why it feels very extreme.

If you are a senior data scientist, the same steps apply to you. Improving your portfolio projects and social media presence will help make it simpler to pass the first HR filter and also the interview.

Good luck!

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