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  • This question is getting a lot of buzz in social media. The reality is there isn’t a clear sign that data science is dying or getting hit hardest than any other sector. The reality is that for senior data scientists the job market is fine. However, for junior data scientists that are trying to do […]

  • Data science will be around The field of data science has evolved over time and so has the role title. When I started my career (at the end of 2012) it was called differently, data mining. The idea was that we would “mine data” from databases. The focus was mainly in working with tabular datasets. […]

  • You are looking for a data science job and don’t have much experience. Having a few public portfolio projects can help you do well in an interview. However, it’s very important this project shows you know what is needed for the job. In 2023 it’s becoming more and more important to know more about data […]

  • If you’re interested in becoming a data scientist or data analyst but don’t know where to start I have a solution. I created a FREE e-book that provides a roadmap to become a data scientist in 2023. It can be overwhelming to learn data science if you don’t have a mentor. Let me help!!! Basically […]