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  • Polars allows handling larger than RAM data very easily. In this post I show you with some real world data how you can work with data larger than RAM. First, let’s download the data. Some comments on the data size Now import the libraries. You will have to pip install them on your local environment. […]

  • In this post I want to explain how to read a CSV file and benchmark multiple methods available in Pandas and Polars. Let’s use the flights dataset that is ~500MB, so it’s fairly realistic for a benchmark. It’s still in the small end of the spectrum but it will be useful to compare results. 1. […]

  • Polars is the fastest DataFrame library available today in Python. It’s a Rust library based on Arrow that has a Python binding. I think Polars will grow massively in a few years and might be able to fully replace Pandas. In the mean time, I think Polars is a perfect fit for “intermediate sized data”. […]