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  • Polars allows handling larger than RAM data very easily. In this post I show you with some real world data how you can work with data larger than RAM. First, let’s download the data. Some comments on the data size Now import the libraries. You will have to pip install them on your local environment. […]

  • If you want to fit a linear model to get insights and you care more about the coefficients rather than making predictions, you will love this trick. The statsmodels formula interface is basically a copy of a functionality available in the R programming language. Let’s give it a try with some data. Linear Model with […]

  • In this video I cover how you can do an exploratory data analysis with Python using Pandas and matplotlib. The idea is to use an online retailer’s e-commerce dataset for the analysis. I think this is a realistic dataset, you can encounter something similar in a data science job. Here is the video with the […]